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160 meter antenna

W5UC six meter yagi instructions


Infinity and beyond

I belong to ARRL
I am member of Central Texas DX and Contesting club
an honorary member of CTR club

The W5AJ callsign story. The original holder of W5AJ was J. "Pronto" Poston. In the summer of 1970 Pronto held CW classes twice a week for a class of two in Pampa, TX. He gave me my novice exam and on Nov. 8th 1970 we held my first CW QSO on 40. Tnx Pronto. When the vanity license program resurfaced in 1996 I requested the W5AJ callsign & have held it since.

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First Concept of Infinity: If one begins travel from Point A and travels in a straight line away from A, one will never return to point A
Robert Wood 2012