Reduced to $2000 plus shipping
I'll supply, cover the materials for packing and pack it.

This photo shows 20meters with 60watts drive

This Photo shows 20meters with 50watts drive

Inside the 89 on 20 April 2020

photo of PS filter caps

photo of original Alpha boxes with original shipping labels to W5GPX
boxes may not be shipping worthy, don't expect them - but the packing material inside is Great
for shipping amp box 23 x 23 x 12
transformer box 16 x 14 x 14

I am third owner of this amp. 1st owner W5GPX, 1997 and sold April 2001 to N5FTR (SK).
I bought it from Buzz N5FTR around May 2015 (and YES for MORE THAN $2000). Always in non-smoking enviroment.
Have transformer box but will use new or put new around old box. And will ship with the electrical plug!
After buying 89 & getting it home, the 3 minute timer didn't work right, replaced a capacitor in timing circuit.
The input drive LEDs didn't work and replaced the diodes on input board, works great now.
Alpha did use six feet of coax on input for their tests, that needs to be there.

email me!
my callsign at arrl dot net


Last updated 24 Apr 2020