pull up cable failure

Restring & repair of Willson crankup tower

The crankup tower has been used by W5AJ in three locations since 1988
The 2004 picture shows tower near minimum height

The crankup tower is on the right -- note the tube inside tube design
There are pull up cables for each movable tube
the lower movable tube's pull up cable is attached to a motorized winch near the base
Cushcraft A4 above American Flag

Antenna shot after the sudden stop down
A4 was moved to this tower about year earlier - it's the damaged one on top
Tower was over 60 feet at time of cable snap
Neighbors barn in background
also in picture is HF2V vertical damaged by flying sheet metal
from neighbor's barn in windstorm
HF2V relocated in 2008

Thrust bearing below tower - toast
There is a bolt that comes through the rear support and
into a nut welded onto the flat plate below the hinge pin
The nut & plate are about inch lower then normal for bolt to thread in

Looking up inside the bottom at hinge pin

with the damaged thrust bearing
had to get the securing bolt in before it got windy
the bolt is somewhat visable in picture

closeup of tubes....

Jan 12, 2008 - repair begins
three tubes out of the main tube

bottom of the top tube - not good

6" tube being readied to replace inside 8"

4 1/2" tube ready to install

note the extended swabing device

had to clean out and soap before it would install 100%

4 1/2" tube installed

Yellow handled swabing device retracted

Tower pull up cables now repaired
Note A3 on ground below - Gator came by and removed from 25G tower today
Mast installed in tower and ready to go vertical


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