A Cost comparison on recent submittal on LOTW:

LOTW QSLs awarded = 287
Spent about hour over past few months uploading via TQSL

LOTW cost to award $47.03 (charged to my Credit card)

Consider old days when this would have been Paper QSLS

Approximate cost print 300 QSLs = $100
Envelopes $11.39/100 at WalMart $68.34
Time to prepare QSLs 10 hours
Time to prepare envelopes 10 hours
Time to travel to WalMart for envelopes/post office for Stamps 1 hour
(This assuming can do that in one trip)
Postage $0.55/envelope (mailing & SASE)$315.70

Approximate savings using LOTW
$437.01 and saving 20+ hours of time
$1+ cheaper per QSL

The results txt after a LOTW upload is a one-time snap shot of the results at the time of the upload,
It does not indicate additional verified QSOs, QSLs, generated over next few months as others upload.

on topic of confirmed QSO's in LOTW:

Recently heard a comment that LOTW was no good because when this individual uploaded, there was a low percentage of QSLs
If you think the Results txt of that upload are final – quit uploading so soon after the QSO.
The thing to examine in the results txt is that you got some QSLs, generally indicating your computer clock was OK, and the upload made sense.
(Generally this works but not always).

I work a 1000 QSOs and upload to lotw asap and get a 30% QSL confirmed in the results of the upload
The result txt for that upload is a one-time snapshot of what resulted from the upload, that means is 30% of those I worked, uploaded before I did.
Come back at end of the year for your end of year submittal and see the QSLs confirmed!
LOTW plays very well!!
Although I do miss waiting months and months for Box 88 - NOT!

73 W5AJ
DXCC Card Checker located in WTX (But check QSLs worldwide)

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have fun and GL with the DX