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Receive only Antenna
This first picture shows the support elements for flag

The assembled flag laying on the driveway
first Flag had a heavy duty and heavy 1" boom
plywood at each end with U-bolts to hold pvc pipes in place which are used as spreaders

Post sunset
this is the only picture I have of the plywood spreader version installed
a wind storm a few weeks after the flag was up busted one of them
and the Flag was taken down for a rebuild

New AL end plates with U bolts (TNX JT for AL plate!)

The reassembled antenna ready to be put up on mast
Flag is installed without boom supports first
after week - the flag comes back down,
wire is removed and reinstalled to get everything in right alignment
boom guys added and goes back up

Rebuilt Flag has lighter 1 1/2" boom, Al plates to support the U bolts, carbon based termination resistor

Again a wind storm in progress on these last two pictures

The Flag was raised once the wind slowed

160 meter coax balun

have fun and GL with the DX
Last updated: Feb 2010
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