DIY Hinged mast holder

In 2022 I purchased a receiver hitch flag pole holder to use to hold an antenna mast.
This would be used when parked, doing 50mhz rover.
Normally at the top of the mast is a four element yagi

Use your imagination for the procedure of getting this vertical

assemble the yagi, attach to end of 16 foot mast, jam the bottom of the mast up against rear tire
Raise the mast/yagi vertical and then slowly walk the mast/yagi to the rear of the truck while holding vertical
Stand next to the flag pole holder.
Then the fun part, raise the mast up while remaining vertical
and slide it into the flag pole holder.
something had to change, enter Heavy duty hinges

This photo shows the flag pole holder inverted, showing the hinges on the underside

Photo shows mast holder from the top.
in this view the hinges are welded on and about to cut top of tube
First, I'm not a welder. I try, Your Mileage may vary.
I used a small wire welder bought from HarborFreight
before beginning welding, I cut the sides of the receiver tube.
It would be difficult to get to those later
two 1/4" thick metal plates were obtained off ebay, two heavy duty hinges from Amazon
the plate was welded onto the tube, just insure it's on bottom
then the plate was cut, somewhat perpendicular to the tube,
cut the bottom of the tube and plate before welding on hinges
then weld on hinge or hinges, keeping them in straight line is important.
I didn't cut the top of the tube until after the hinges were welded in place

This photo is of completed & painted assembly
Side plates were added on, bolted on one end - really important only welded one end!

surplus military four foot poles were obtained for the mast
replacing my one piece metal mast
the proof of concept was done using 20 feet of mast
The mast raising was done before the side braces were welded on

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